Homeopathic Diet

How does it work?

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to give birth and only a few weeks later appear in events and galas as thin as before their pregnancy? Here comes the answer!

The German homeopathic metabolic diet is not an artificial appetite suppressant, nor does it contain hormones like the usual drops sold over the internet or multilevel marketing companies. Therefore, there are no unwanted side effects!

The remedy eliminates cravings and helps the body to eliminate all unwanted stored fat. It works even for diabetics or people with thyroid problems; it balances hormone levels, blood pressure and blood sugar. You’ll feel young and increase your natural energy levels, while it also improves sleep quality.

1 to 2 pounds of abnormal, unwanted fat can be lost per day on this diet. The metabolic diet has been effectively proven for over 60 years and is the fastest method of weight loss without losing muscle mass.


Eliminate that difficult fat with ease. The homeopathic metabolism diet is an effective and long-lasting weight loss program with additional benefits as it restores one’s metabolism. The metabolic diet prompts you to program your body to burn abnormal fat (unwanted fat around the hip, thighs, pansa, belly, buttocks) and allows you to live comfortably on a low-calorie diet.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How much weight can I lose?

You can lose up to 2 pounds per day while following the exact instructions of the diet.

  • How can I survive on such a low calory diet?

Our product allows that your body burns between 1,500-3,000 calories from your fat deposits. By eating the additional calories from the diet, your calory burn increases and your body will burn up to 2,000-4,000 calories in order to provide you with energy.

  • Will I be hungry all the time?

It is normal to feel a light hunger during the first few days, but this hunger soon goes away. Many people feel that small amounts of food will satisfy their hunger and some don’t even manage to eat all their allowed calories per day.

  • Wouldn’t I still be losing 1-2 pounds per day, even without the homeopathic remedy only by eating 500 calories?

If you try to lose weight by only eating up to 500 calories per day without taking the remedy, your body might think you are starving and would try to assure your survival by accumulating even more additional fat deposits.