Magnetic Mat

What benefits does it have?

The pulsating magnetic field by the magnetic mat is ideal for increasing the quality of life, regenerating the body, improving blood circulation and strengthening the immune system, as no side effects are expected.

It works based on the influence of the body’s cells on metabolism aided by the pulsating magnetic field in order to regulate and normalize imbalances. In order to stimulate the body’s self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms, a relatively low strength of the magnetic field is sufficient.

It serves very well against pains caused by various rheumatic diseases, damage to the tissues and other forms of indisposition, the causes and symptoms of which are often unattainable by the usual healing methods.

Es necesario tomar un vaso de agua justo antes de la terapia y no es recomendable fumar antes, porque eso estrecha las venas.

Atention: The magnetic mat should not be used by people with a pacemaker or pregnant women.