Lymphatic Drainage

Swollen legs? Fat pads resistant to any diet? Cellulite? Fluid retention?

SLIMYONIK® can be a good solution!

What does it do?

With SLIMYONIK® Bodystyler, a holistic procedure has been developed that provides the user with visible and tangible results after the first applications. These include a significant reduction in body size and cellulite and a wonderful feeling of lightness in the legs.

¿Cómo funciona?

The pressure wave massage increases metabolism by up to 280%. It also activates the supply of oxygen and blood flow to the skin and fatty tissue, helping to detoxify the tissue through the lymphatic system. Metabolism in fat cells increases up to 2-3 times. The result: depot fats are reduced more and more.

SLIMYONIK® was developed for medical rehabilitation and is also considered one of the most successful technologies in the field of body aesthetic treatment: completely painless and natural!

In the therapeutic center of Punto Vital we offer you the possibility to enjoy a treatment in the only device of this kind in the whole Dominican Republic!