About me

Are alternative therapies the “better alternative”?

Hello, my name is Dorina Ritiu, specialist for Biomagnetism and alternative therapies.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by my grandmother’s natural remedies and forms of healing. The herbs, the woods and stones, the rituals and prayers, the special massages, wraps and the laying on of hands, nothing was left out when it came to restoring health for body, mind and soul. Thanks to her, I grew up very close to nature, have learned to love and appreciate all the wonderful means Mother Nature provides us with!

My professional career was very varied and even if I did not always have the opportunity to put what I learned into practice immediately, my enthusiasm for alternative therapies and my thirst for knowledge are still my companions today.

Everything that promised healing without medication and was spiritually flawless attracted me magically: EFT (emotional freedom technique), quantum healing by Deepak Chopra, Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett, The 2-point method, hypnosis and direct communication with the subconscious according to Fridbert Becker, guided healing meditations, TIM (transformation in minutes) by Martina Haller, biomagnetism according to Dr. Goiz, etc.

I had the pleasure to experience and be convinced again and again of the effectiveness of the above-mentioned methods, both on my own body, and with the friends and family members I treated. Again and again the same impulse came: Why don’t you actually do this professionally?

And that’s exactly what I’m doing today, simply following my calling and helping people who are looking for an alternative to maintaining or regaining their health. Quite often it is people who already believed that they had to come to terms with their health and emotional limitations! All the greater is my gratitude and the happiness I feel when I can help such people to regain their joy of life!

Maybe the alternative therapies are not always the better alternative, but they are certainly worth a try, for the love of your health!