Mental-energetic spinal column straightening

The spine is the supporting structure of our body

  • it carries both physical and mental loads
  • this can lead to back, knee and pelvic pain, headaches and migraines

What is the Spritiual-Energetic Spine Straightening?

  • it is a form of spiritual healing that works on all levels, not only physical, but also restores the natural order of body, mind and soul.

A wide variety of physical problems can often be remedied easily and effectively.

For whom is this suitable?

Everyone, from children to the elderly, can benefit from the lasting effects of such an energetic therapy.

What happens during a Mental-Energetic Spine Straightening?

– The body is examined and measured if necessary

– The person lies relaxed on a massage table, dressed, with shoes or barefoot

– An energetic impulse is set, which restores the Universal Order

– This stimulates the self-healing powers, the spine straightens up and the difference in leg length, pelvic obliquity and shoulder misalignment are permanently balanced out

The straightening of the spine sets a comprehensive healing process in motion. Straightening is different for each person, is felt and experienced differently.

This way of straightening the spine is non-invasive and also not painful, there is no manipulation of the skeleton and practically no physical touch.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is it good for?

The Mental-Energetic Spine Straightening can help with:

  • Pelvic obliquities
  • Leg length differences
  • Knee and foot complaints
  • Shoulder Misalignment
  • Tensions

and much more…

  • Duration?

The session takes approximately 1 hour.

By measuring the leg lengths exactly before and after the treatment, the effect can immediately  be checked. After the treatment a free flow of energy through the body is possible, because the causes of the blockages have been dissolved.